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Emergency Dental Care

Fast Response from our Westlake Emergency Dentist

emergency-dentistryShould you or your child find yourself in a life-threatening situation, please call 911. In many other emergency dental cases, our team at Dental Care of Westlake is able to provide you with proactive, fast service in order to help preserve your teeth. Dr. Woyat is prepared to act quickly to prevent any further damage or pain.

Commonly emergency dental care includes addressing:

  • Teeth that have been knocked out
  • Severe tooth or jaw pain
  • Lost or broken teeth and fillings

If you or your child has a tooth knocked out, carefully place the tooth back in the gum from where it has fallen. The blood flow can help keep your tooth alive long enough for us to re-attach it. If it is not possible to replace the tooth, submerge your lost tooth in a cup of milk. The milk can provide essential nutrients to your tooth, giving you a chance to salvage the natural tooth. In the event that we are not able to save the tooth, we may recommend either an implant or a bridge to help fill the gap and diminish the impact of your lost tooth on the rest of your mouth.

For more information about our emergency services, please call us at (440) 835-0012.

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