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Knowledgeable Dental Care for You and Your Children

Proper dental hygiene is essential to achieving optimal health. Your mouth can quickly become a lodge for bacteria and other contaminants, and it is essential to regularly clean your teeth and gums in order to avoid a buildup. As your Westlake dentist, Dr. Woyat prioritizes your health by encouraging regular cleanings and proactively searching for potential problems.

Our Services Include:
  • General dentistry: Our comprehensive exams provide deep cleanings for adults and children. We target plaque and conduct digital X-Rays to seek out cavities. If cavities are found, we offer tooth-colored fillings and recommend treatment options for sensitive teeth.
  • Crowns and veneers: Irregular teeth can now be corrected through a variety of options. Crowns are used to reinforce damaged or decayed teeth and are often applied over molars. Porcelain veneers offer you the chance to correct either one or two teeth, or an entire mouth if you so desire.
  • Dental implants: If you are missing a tooth, we may recommend a dental implant. This surgical procedure inserts a post into your jaw bone, over which a cap is placed in order to fill the gap. Gaps are often filled not only for cosmetic reasons but also to preserve teeth placement and prevent crowding.
  • Teeth whitening: Stained teeth can now be remedied through a few different options. We offer in-office professional whitening options, as well as take-home trays and strips. Depending on your lifestyle demands, and on the speed with which you would like your teeth whitened, we can recommend the best option.
  • Periodontal/gum disease: It is important to promptly respond to the first sign of gum disease, in order to prevent further damage to your teeth, gum line, and jawbone. Gum disease, when caught early, is very treatable. We can discuss your treatment options upon assessment of the severity of your infection.
  • Dentures and bridges: Our dentures and bridges provide another option for replacing lost teeth. We offer both full and partial denture options based on your needs. Bridges are another option for filling gaps left by missing teeth and are ideal for patients who do not wish to undergo surgery.
  • Emergency dental care: In the event that you or your child have a tooth knocked out or experience severe tooth or jaw pain, we can provide emergency services to treat the condition as soon as possible. We are prepared to act quickly to prevent further damage.
  • Invisalign

In addition to the services listed above we also perform extractions for decayed teeth or wisdom teeth. We also provide sealants, bonding, mouth guards, and night guards as necessary. To schedule an appointment, call us at 440-835-0012 today!