What’s In My Toothpaste?

You should always be aware of what goes into your body, even when it comes to your toothpaste. Your local dentist in Westlake might recommend a special type of toothpaste for those who resist dental cleaning due to sensitive teeth or other oral issues, but most types of toothpaste have a few similar elements. Watch this video clip to take a closer look at what is in your toothpaste.

If a tube of toothpaste bears the seal of the American Dental Association, it contains some amount of fluoride. This ingredient serves a number of important purposes, like protecting your teeth from decay and strengthening your enamel. Your toothpaste might also include elements like zinc citrate and pyrophosphates, both of which help to prevent tartar from building up on your teeth. Toothpaste with potassium nitrate can be great for those with sensitive teeth, as it lets you handle temperature with ease.

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