• What to Expect When You Get Dentures

    Are you considering dentures near Westlake ? As your dentist will advise you, dentures are ideal for almost all men and women who are missing some or all of their teeth. Millions of Americans are missing teeth, and it is important to find the best solution for your particular health concerns. Thanks to new developments […]

  • Signs of Gingivitis

    In its initial stages, gum disease is called gingivitis. As you will learn in this video, gingivitis can have noticeable signs, but it is sometimes accompanied by no symptoms at all. Gum disease can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. However, by the time many people visit their emergency dentist in Westlake complaining […]

  • Why You Should Whiten Your Teeth

    Beyond regular dental cleanings in Westlake, you might be considering other types of dental services that can boost the health and appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening is a popular choice that is simple and easy, but yields dramatic results for any patient. Each year, millions of Americans invest in professional teeth whitening. Teeth can […]

  • Fighting Back Against Gum Disease

    In its early stages, gum disease is almost always reversible with a periodontist near Westlake. Unfortunately, if you do not see a dentist and your gum disease is allowed to progress, it will eventually develop into more severe periodontal disease. Periodontal disease leads to an increased risk of heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes while […]