• Getting Ready for a Dental Bridge

    If you have one or two missing teeth, a dental bridge may be an appropriate restoration option for you. Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is permanently affixed in place. This device is supported by adjacent crowns, which are placed on the teeth or dental implants to either side of the bridge. Before undergoing any dental […]

  • Deciding Between Dentures and Bridges

    If you have lost teeth and are interested in reclaiming your smile, dentures and dental bridges are both great options. People fitted with dentures and dental bridges near Westlake enjoy the benefits of an attractive mouth, superior oral health, and the confidence that comes from being able to talk and laugh without reservation. Your decision […]

  • Tips for Speaking with Dentures

    If you have recently gotten dentures for the first time or if you are considering getting dentures near Westlake, you may have some concerns about speaking while wearing dentures. Many people new to wearing dentures are anxious about how this fresh addition to their mouths may affect their ability to have a normal conversation. The […]

  • Early Signs of Gum Disease

    Many people with gum disease in Westlake are unaware of the signs and symptoms that indicate this dental health issue. It is important to know what to look for when it comes to spotting gum disease because early gum disease is fully treatable. If allowed to progress, early gum disease will develop into more serious […]

  • A Look at Gum Disease in Women

    You may be surprised to learn that women and men face different challenges when it comes to gum disease. Although men incur gum disease at a higher rate than women, physiological events occurring in a woman’s body can affect her oral health. If you’re a woman who is concerned about gum disease in Westlake, keep […]