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If you have recently gotten dentures for the first time or if you are considering getting dentures near Westlake, you may have some concerns about speaking while wearing dentures. Many people new to wearing dentures are anxious about how this fresh addition to their mouths may affect their ability to have a normal conversation. The good news is that most people with dentures get used to their presence very quickly and speaking with dentures becomes second nature. Keep reading for answers to common questions about speaking with dentures.

What if My Dentures Fall Out While I’m Speaking?

Properly fitted dentures will not fall out of your mouth. When your general dentistry provider fits you for dentures, he or she takes careful measurements to ensure that your new dentures are contoured to your mouth and gums. This level of customization helps to ensure that your dentures will remain securely in your mouth even during a heated debate or lively conversation with friends.

Will I Sound Like Myself?

The way that you speak depends on many physiological factors including the placement of your tongue, gums, and teeth. It makes sense that a change to your teeth, like the addition of new dentures, will affect the way that you say your words. While some people report a slight change in their pronunciation of language when they first get new dentures, most people quickly become accustomed to dentures and have no problem sounding natural. A great tip for new denture wearers is to practice speaking by reading aloud when you are alone. Practicing speaking in a safe environment will give you the confidence to talk, without fear, in any situation.

Will My Dentures Be a Distraction?

Many people considering dentures worry that new dentures may cause a visual distraction for others during a conversation. Modern dentures are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, so you can rest assured that when you speak, people will be focused on the content of your conversation, rather than on your dentures. You may even notice that the addition of new dentures gives you the confidence to chime in and make your voice heard in social or professional situations.