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Good teeth of a woman
Beyond regular dental cleanings in Westlake, you might be considering other types of dental services that can boost the health and appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening is a popular choice that is simple and easy, but yields dramatic results for any patient.

Each year, millions of Americans invest in professional teeth whitening. Teeth can become yellow or discolored for many reasons, including as a side effect of habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee and wine. Your teeth may also appear darker due to dental work, stress, serious internal decay, or as a natural consequence of aging. Fortunately, dentists now offer many painless, affordable, and effective solutions for brightening your smile. Teeth whitening immediately boosts your self-confidence. If you struggle with discolored teeth, you may feel understandably insecure when you smile, laugh, speak, or eat. Unfortunately, serious insecurity can adversely affect your work performance and social life. For people who already struggle with depression or anxiety, tooth discoloration can prevent them from engaging in normal daily activities essential to improving their mental health. In addition to boosting your self-esteem, teeth whitening also takes years off your appearance. Brightening your smile is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to look younger.